Computer Chess
Where the chess board and your pieces are real, and the computer’s pieces are projected.
Capture The Flag Contest
Grey Thumb held a contest for making computer programs to play Capture The Flag
Capture The Flag in breve
3D first and third person perspective online nightclub for the PC.
Understanding Negotiations
A computer program that, given an audio recording of a negotiation, predicts the outcome for each participant.
Essential Dynamics
Greatly speeding up learning by estimating an approximation of how the world works.
Evolution of Vision
Artificial evolution of the vision system of a mobile robot
Evolution Of Vision
Meta Optimization
Artificial evolution of the priority function that controls a compiler’s choices when optimizing code
Meta Optimization
Interpretation of Music
Extracting the tempo and phase from songs
Music Score

Smaller Projects

Sound Toy
A small program that lets infants make sounds with a computer
Curious Miles
Some basic notes on using automated techniques to create creatures for sodarace
Open Dynamics Engine
I contributed the universal joint and C++ wrappers, along with a bunch of smaller things, to this open source physics engine.
Open Dynamics Engine

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