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My Favourite Interview Question To Assess Design

When interviewing higher level software engineers, it’s good to assess not just ability to write code, but also to design systems. To accomplish that, I used to ask people to design something, such as an elevator control system.  However, that … Continue reading


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A Few Things I’ve Learned About Agile

Many years ago I worked on code that integrated tightly with 3rd party software. The APIs were not always documented, and when they were, the documentation sometimes had omissions or was just plain wrong. In a situation like this, what … Continue reading

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Higher order functions are (sometimes) more natural

I had a debate with some friends at work the other day, about whether the higher-order function map just adds needless complexity to a language. They considered it a kind of “advanced” function, which surprised me. They said that by … Continue reading

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Writing To A Binary Stream In C/C++: Harder Than It Should Be

Suppose you want to write some code to communicate using a binary protocol. You would think C (or C++) was a natural language for this. After all, low level data manipulation is one of it’s strengths. But it’s surprisingly hard … Continue reading

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