Work on Multiple Projects at Once?

Garth Zeglin, a good friend from Grad school, was staying with me for a few days, and he mentioned that he likes to have two projects going at once.  That way, when he gets stuck on one, he can switch to the other for a while.  I wonder how this would work in practice?  How could it work at work?  And how does it interact with the advice I once heard from Bryan Adams, a grad student in Rodney Brooks' lab at MIT?  He said when you stop working for the day, you shouldn't completely finish a task, you should leave something very straight forward to do.  That way, when you're starting the next day, you can be eased back into "the zone."

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1 Response to Work on Multiple Projects at Once?

  1. Brian says:

    Hemingway used to write like that. He’d leave only when he found a point where he knew exactly where he was going to pick up the next day.

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